Thursday, November 02, 2006

More endless cycles

Once upon a time there was a young couple who fell in love and married. They got a mortgage and bought a house, then a car. Soon there were babies and baptisms, first communions and confirmations, and before they knew it there were graduations and weddings and more baptisms.

So far so good, but now comes the hard part. They got old.

Could this frail elderly man with the uncertain gait possibly be the strong Dad who used to carry me in from the car when I fell asleep on the way home from family gatherings? Could this difficult, obviously sick and suffering woman who has a different dumb excuse for not going to the doctor every time I see her possibly be the Mom who nursed me through rheumatic fever and a dozen other childhood illnesses?

Nothing pretty about getting old, so far as I can see.

Now I have taken two days off from work and driven to get them and bring them back to my house for a visit. Give me strength ...

Tonight FavoriteSon will drive out from his place in the city to have dinner with us, and he will be gracious and charming (how come he got to be so nice after he stopped living here?!) and they will comment later on what a good man he's grown up to be (he has). And the evening will be a joy to all of us.

And tomorrow I will drive them home again (whew!) and continue on to Boston, where for the first time I'll be a houseguest in FavoriteDaughter's apartment. And so it goes; I'm feeling a little older already.

I'll drive back Sunday, and by the time Monday morning rolls around, I'm sure I'll be more than ready to go back to work--and relax.


At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Lorna said...

nothing pretty about growing old ... but love them, honour them and enjoy them while you have them.

and imagine what they say behind favourite son's back ... it's probably NOT what you think!!!

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Widening Circles said...

Yes, I'm working on the first part. As for the second, yes, I think you might have a point there, LOL. Although when I hear them talk about their grandchildren who are not my offspring it's interesting that they are willing to cut the second generation a lot more slack than they ever gave the first!

At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Mary Beth said...

I so identify with you. This is just where I am with parents (not quite with kiddos...youngest is 17 and we are waiting for the nice...though he is getting better.



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