Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lost and found

When went out to leave for work this morning it was such a perfect day I turned right around and went back in to get my motorcycle jacket and helmet and trade the car keys for the keys to my motorscooter.

The first third of the ride was just terrific, and then I got to one of the roads I'd been planning to take and found it had just recently been tarred and chipped and was covered in loose gravel, which is a very treacherous surface for two-wheeled transit. I turned off as soon as I could onto a different road, but before long I had to detour around more loose gravel, so I ended up taking a convoluted route to work.

I was on some incredibly beautiful roads, roads I know about but don't travel very often because they aren't exactly on the way to anywhere. Sometimes my ride was a bit scary because I had to go a little faster than I wanted, but when my knuckles started turning white I just reminded myself to relax and loosen my grip and it was fine. Sometimes when I thought I was lost, I was actually very close to where I needed to be, and sometimes when I thought I knew where I was going, I was really pretty lost, but I didn't worry because I knew I would find my way. I never doubted that eventually I would turn onto a road I recognized, and it would take me where I needed to go. And I did, and it did.

I've got to remember that.


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