Monday, July 24, 2006

She who sings twice prays ... how many times?

The 10:15 worshipers at the Episcopal church I’ve been attending lately like to sing—and I mean they really like to sing.

It helps that it’s a very small church so the sound doesn’t have far to go to fill every corner of the room. But this group sings with real gusto; I don’t think they’d have any trouble filling a space two or three times the size.

Yesterday, when we arrived at the final hymn, the organist started playing a different selection from the one that was posted. We did our best through a verse, gallantly struggling to fit the words of one hymn to the melody of the other, but it clearly wasn’t working. Finally someone called out the number of the hymn the organist was playing and we all switched pages and sang the first verse of that one.

Then the organist caught on to the problem and announced he would play the hymn that was listed, so we all flipped back in the hymnbook and sang through six verses of that one. Nobody moved until it was finished, and the last verse was accomplished with just as much enthusiasm as the first.

I’m not sure what it proves, but I don’t think you’d see this happening in a Catholic church.

On the way out, one of the most passionate singers commented that she really liked "being part of a church where oops! doesn’t matter.”

It’s an interesting way to put it, but isn't that exactly what it's all supposed to be about?


At 10:54 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

I love this story! Church should never be a "performance", and sometimes during "practice", as in life as well, goofs happen. What a comfort to know that we can make mistakes and still be loved and accepted by God, and our brothers and sisters in Christ.
Have enjoyed reading many of your previous posts as well One Foot. Our backgrounds are different, but we seem to be at a similar place in life.


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