Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Foolin' around

For some reason I was thinking last night that flirting with another religious denomination might be a little like cheating on your spouse--not that I have any first-hand knowledge in that area, of course, but I can imagine that it must be exciting at first, new and different and a little daring.

In the beginning you would probably notice with approval all of the bad habits this person didn't manifest; imagine living with someone who didn't ever work late on Fridays, snore, or forget that wiping the counters is part of cleaning the kitchen. After a while, though, you might start to miss those traits you did appreciate in your partner. What if the new guy didn't bother to bring you your morning coffee so you wouldn't have to crawl down the stairs to get it, didn't understand that it wasn't a good idea to talk to you until after you'd finished at least one cup, or didn't think it was a man's job to clean the kitchen?

In time you might give up on the new guy and reconsider your partner with renewed appreciation, or maybe you wouldn't go back, but you'd move on understanding that this new situation wasn't going to be perfect, either.

Would gladness outweigh regrets, either way?


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