Tuesday, April 04, 2006

WWJG? (Where would Jesus go?)

So how did I come to find myself seriously considering the possibility of leaving the Catholic church? It wasn't because I stopped believing in God or the sacraments, or because all of a sudden I couldn't accommodate the discrepancy between the official position and my own leanings on issues such as the ordination of women. I didn't really want to go. I love the church for what it can be at its very best, and for all of the wonderful people who call it home.

Good Catholic people have been my support and inspiration all of my life. Sadly, what developed at my former Catholic parish was a situation where good Catholic people were disregarded and disrespected at every level from the local church up to and including the bishop himself. Somehow propping up a foolish pastor became the most important thing. He was willing to stand by and watch a parish community be torn apart rather than admit he'd made a mistake, and those above him were willing to stand by and let it happen if that was the cost of covering for him.

I just can't believe this was what Jesus had in mind.


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