Sunday, April 23, 2006

A little rain must fall

After a string of dry weeks it has rained for most of the past 36 hours, heavily much of that time. We lost power a little after 7 am, usually a sign that a tree limb has let go somewhere and fallen across the wires, but I guess God must have wanted me in church this morning because I woke up without an alarm, and my hair wasn't even standing straight up as it usually is in the morning, so I could leave the house without benefit of a shower and not look like the hapless victim of a strong electric shock, power or no.

That left only one question: Which church to attend. I'd made up my mind and unmade it again at least eight times already (I was considering four different churches) before I finally got in the car and headed for the little Episcopal church where I celebrated Easter. I really had planned to use this Sunday to try out another of the churches that's on my list for consideration, but what drew me back was something bad that happened at this church last week, something involving a breach of trust (almost certainly) on the part of a member who hasn't been identified yet. I won't bother with the details here, because it isn't my story to tell, but it seemed right to be there with the rest of the community during this sad time as I had been there last week for the joyous celebration of Easter.

It hardly raining as I drove, but the sky was still a dark grey that made the pale yellow-greens of trees newly in leaf stand out all the more. Inside, the electric lights and the candles seemed that much brighter, too, but what really struck me was the high spirits of everyone gathered there. I'd forgotten that last night was a big church dinner that I'd decided not to attend, perhaps mistakenly, because it didn't seem to me that it was really my celebration. At any rate, no matter how sad anyone felt inside about what had happened at the church, the spirit that dominated the morning was their pleasure in being together.


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