Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Two days later I am back in the same place, but this time it is full of people. As it was meant to be, I am thinking. It's a glorious spring morning, perfect for Easter. Birds are singing, trees and flowers seem to be exploding back to life all at once, and most of the people are dressed up, too.

We are a little late and we can hear the opening hymn from the parking lot. We're greeted at the door by the woman who seems to me to be the heart and soul of the place; she assures us that there are still plenty of seats inside. All around me are people I know, not as old friends, but as people I do care about. There are the couple whose grown son died recently, the couple who lost a daughter to leukemia last year, the couple who are expecting a baby soon, the alcoholic who has asked us to pray for his recovery, the two women who did the Lenten Bible study with me, the girl who always brings the dog she is raising to be a seeing eye dog, and others I recognize, whether or not I've learned their names yet.

I am in the midst of a real community and I have a place in it. Whether it's a permanent place, or whether the lesson is that I will find community wherever I go--that's a question for another day.


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