Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Odds and ends

A few things on my my mind today, not necessarily connected ...

1. High standards: I do realize I'm setting the bar a little high, judging every church experience I have by the standard of whether it lifts me to a mountaintop experience. Even my best and happiest Catholic days weren't like that, obviously, or I wouldn't have had the time or energy for ordinary everyday living. I'm know I'm too anxious to make a decision and settle somewhere, and I know I need to back off a little and be patient.

2. The problem of language: I noticed yesterday that they kept saying the word "God" over and over again, and after a while I figured out they were trying to avoid using the pronoun "he" in reference to the deity. I sympathize because I don't think God is a man, and we don't have a pronoun that adequately expresses whatever God is. "It" certainly doesn't do it. "You" might but doesn't always work grammatically. Saying "God" over and over again just sounded "dumb." I generally write "He," in deference to what I was taught, and because capitalizing it does suggest I'm not just talking about some man, and because worrying too much about it seems like a distraction from the really important stuff.

3. Wireless access: (See yesterday's post for my previous comments on this subject.) It turns out the university chapel does not have an access point. The wireless coverage map makes it appear that part of the chapel, especially toward the rear, may fall within the library's outdoor coverage area, but I don't know how well the signal penetrates the chapel's massive walls. Guess those inside will have to continue to rely on a different communication technology.

4. A whole new world: This is the one I'm most excited about. It turns out there's a whole new world of Catholic experience out there and I was totally unaware of it. (Who knows, if I'd heard about this stuff sooner, I might not have left.) Looking for companionship in the bloggosphere, I recently searched all blogs for the world "Catholic." Later, I found myself looking at a blog that had ad words enabled, and there was a whole column of unexpected Catholic references. Like, featured in a little ad that said, "Roman Catholic Church: Free to Join. 1000's of pictures of Beautiful Catholic Singles." Hmmm. It always was free to join, as far I know, but I had a feeling the pictures they were talking about weren't holy cards of saints. I clicked on the link to their web site, where one can "browse pictures and videos," "use our real time chat," and "communicate anonymously."

"We have found bliss," a user in Cedar Rapids reports.

Wow. Wonder what they were chatting anonymously about. A deep discussion of the Holy Trinity, or the Immaculate Conception, perhaps? The pictures (definitely not holy cards!) showed a lot of young and attractive people doing things like kissing and snuggling, and I'm afraid I'm too old, too unattractive, and definitely too married for any of that.

I considered moving on to Christian Millionaire Mentoring but I was too depressed by the obvious implication of that one. First premise: If God really loved me He'd make me rich. Second premise: I've certainly been been trying hard to show God I love Him, so if I'm not rich by now ...

But actually, I am rich. I have been blessed in so many ways, I am rich beyond measure, so you'll hear no complaints from me in that department.


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